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PROLOG - Palmyra, New York, 1820
Have You Heard the News?
Be Baptized
I'm Confused
In Our Power
A Marvelous Work

ACT 1: THE APOSTATES - Nauvoo, Illinois, 1844
Nauvoo Is
Nauvoo the Beautiful
He Is Fallen
Hey Joseph Smith
A Judas In Our Midst
The Meeting
Dead Men Tell No Tales
A Friend

ACT 2: THE MOBS - Nauvoo & Carthage, Illinois, 1844
A Poor Mobocrat
The Nauvoo Expositor
Gathered Here Today
Burning the Press
We Have Won
Song of the Carthage Drunkards
Something Illegal
Let My Heart Rejoice
Martial Law and Fight
Have You Heard the News? (Reprise)
General Prophet Joseph Smith

ACT 3: JOSEPH SMITH - Nauvoo & Carthage, Illinois, 1844
The Facts As They Unfolded
Bring Yourself Down
What Can We Do?
My Sweet Woman
Where Is Joseph?
I'm Confused (Reprise)

ACT 4: MARTYRDOM - Carthage, Illinois, 1844
Nauvoo Farewell
The Arrest
Impartial Judge Robert Smith
Who to Follow?
A Decision of What to Do
The Ballad of Dan Jones
The Martyrdom

EPILOG - Nauvoo & Heaven, 1844
Let My Heart Rejoice (Reprise)
General Prophet Joseph Smith (Reprise)

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